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Handmade. Unique. Quirky.
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Meet My Co-Worker, Harvey!

co-worker dog harvey pet

black and white dog with piece of yarn dangling out of corner of mouth

Meet Harvey, my jug (Jack Russell Terrier/pug mix). He likes to get into mischief by "sampling" any yarn scraps. 🤦‍♀️ 

Don't worry; I took the yarn out of his mouth after this photo was captured.

Like Harvey Dent aka Two-Face from the Batman series, Harvey has two sides that make him an...interesting co-worker. His Harvey Dent side is pug-like: being a Velcro dog, curled up at my feet and snoozing. His Two-Face side is the Jack-Russell Terrier side: tasting the yarn (he thinks it is spaghetti), stealing small balls of yarn, being a goof-ball).

After I finish my fiber-based works, I wash and dry the items and place in a plastic container away from dog hair.

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