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Handmade. Unique. Quirky.
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And that’s a wrap (for now!)

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🎬 Annnd…that’s a wrap for craft shows… for now! Outdoor craft shows are fun—but not so fun during the dog days of summer (yea for Virginia humidity 🥵). As you can see in this lovely photo taken by Unique Creations Studio from their most recent Local Maker’s Market I am very fair-skinned (I still manage to get pink from being outside, even with a high SPF, a pop-up canopy and a sun hat). July will be busy with vacations, spending time with my family, and celebrating my wedding anniversary (12 years!). Until further notice I won’t attend another craft show until early September. Follow my page to keep up with upcoming Fall and Winter craft shows.

Here are my summer plans:

🛒 Update my Shopify page with new products
🧶 Create more plushies, home decor and wearables
🪝 Catch up on projects that I have been meaning to do for a while
⭐️ Reach my goal of 1,000 followers on my Artsy Like Whoa Facebook and Instagram pages by September 1st (maybe do a giveaway?)
💥 Connect with local and regional boutique and small business owners who would be interested in hosting my handmade items

Stay hydrated,

Artsy Like Whoa

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